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iSAP  intra-Soft tissue Antibiotics Perfusion

軟部のiMAP_2017.01.09 2.19.59.jpg

 intra-Soft tissue Antibiotics Perfusion (iSAP), which continuously injects antibiotics into the soft tissue and aspirates it from the drain under negative pressure to circulate the antibiotics ='perfusion' method.

 In general, pockets and dead spaces are disadvantageous for infection control, as they are a breeding ground for bacteria because they cannot reach antibacterial drugs.

However, in iSAP, the 'dead space' can be used as a space to spread the antimicrobial agent.

Therefore, by guiding the tip of the Salem sump tube distal to the dead space and placing the tube over the entire wound, the antibacterial drug can be locally transferred.

Previously, the infusion tube and the drainage tube were separated, but sometimes they were clogged and the reflux could not be performed well. Therefore, since I started using a double lumen Salem sump tube, I have been able to perform perfusion reliably.

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