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Case 2

Case: Female in her 70s

She felt down at home and was fractured her femoral neck. Bipolar femoral head arthroplasty was performed.

The postoperative course was uneventful, and the wound healed, and the patient was discharged home.

On the 26th day after the operation, exudate was found from the wound, and the patient visited the ER unit. On the 28th day after surgery, curettage, irrigation and pen-rose drain placement were performed.However, the exudate continued, the patient was referred to our hospital.

At the first visit to our hospital, it was 40 days after surgery 14 days after the onset of infection.


 ​術後 30日以内 発症から3週間以内



​ 内服の抗菌薬がある。




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