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Presentation at OTA (Orthopedic trauma association)

Participated in a conference abroad after a long time.

CLAP has been announced as a guest nation at OTA (orthopedic trauma association). The response was great and we had a lot of discussions. I was also interested in the professor who presented the medical disparity in Africa. Certainly the drugs used in simple devices are also cheap. Traffic accidents in countries where roads are not well maintained will result in contaminated open fractures, so there must be a need.

Mr. Yoshiya of the CLAP study group also presented the contents of FLAP.

Now that we know a little more about how other countries treat infections, we have a clearer path forward. Well, next is the surgical infectious disease society from the artificial joint society. There is also a workshop in Nagoya. There are still a few openings in the workshop.

Well, there's no time to slow down.

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